And here we go…


Please let me start with saying “Sorry for the lack of pictures and media”… I´m on Cyprus and the wifi has been really challenging lately, the stuff just doesn´t upload right…

That said (drumroll)…

Keto Hiker is finally going to happen, and thanks to my wonderful doctor, who makes the blood work possible, Michel Lundell at Ketonix sponsoring with his latest breath analyzer and Christofer Kelly from Nourish Balance Thrive supporting with their Phat Fibre and some additional tests we can hopefully get some real data from the project and go on helping a bunch of people with the results.

On July 28th I fly from Stockholm to Kiruna and continue to either Katterat in Norway or Katterjåkk in Sweden, depending on how I manage the logistics after landing at Kiruna airport.
Whatever starting point gets chosen doesn´n matter that much, I just never started from Katterat before, and that´s it…

Anyway, I stay out until August 27th which gives me 30 nights in the wild, carrying all my provisions from start to be able to guarantee the food quality and avoid all the crap they usually sell in the cabin shops.
The only exception is is I get a freshly caught fish from someone – yes, that happens… and I totally gonna eat it!

I expect to cover 20-25km (13-16 miles) per day on average and the basic idea is to take a rather over averagely healthy 46 year old male (that´s me) and put him in a more or less hunter/gatherer situation (except I carry my food instead of killing it along the way) for just over four weeks.
No planned social interactions, no connectivity (that´s no FB, email, cell phone connection… not even snail mail) – just moving through beautiful nature and following the natural rhythm of the body.
Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, move daily, rest as much as needed. Detached from civilization and connecting back with our origin, in a safe and relaxed way using a familiar environment to really remove any stressors as much as humanly possible.

Naturally I cannot give You any updates along the hike, yet I promise to get back and tell You everything.

Mahalo for now, I appreciate You and am so grateful for Your support!

Peace // Claes